Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy skin!

I have been fighting my skin since a very early age and have been on everything short of Accutane.  Nothing has given me that smooth feeling AND look.  Talk about embarrassing and frustrating.  I mean who wants to walk up to a teller window or interview someone who looks like they havn't washed their face for week?!  That is how I felt, talk about some self esteem issues stemming way back!

Well, thanks to an old friend posting faithfully on her blog about how to improve your quality of life safely and naturally, I have really been meddling in all of the natural ways to improve my skin.  I originally started off with Baking soda wash and ACV for toner, but was missing the moisturizer.  Then I purchased Coconut oil.  I added coconut oil as the moisturizer.  I think that was a great intro into the natural side.  I wasn't too abrasive and it weaned my skin off of the nasty SLS filled "acne washes" (oxymoron right?!) and nasty chemically lotions and acne creams that have NEVER worked even a tiny bit on my skin.

Last night I decided I would try, with what I have at home because my husband will kill me if I go buy everything i want to try unless its in the grocery budget lol, the Oil Cleansing Method.  I suggest looking it up online and trying it.  It involves Castor Oil and EVOO.  The castor oil pulls the dirt out of the pores and the EVOO is full of vitamins and is a great moisturizer.  I'll make sure when I try the full cleanse that I will post and let ya know how it works and what I think of it.

What I ended up doing instead, was washing with Baking soda, then rubbing a little bit of EVOO on my face and placing a hot wet rag over my face for a minute and letting the steam open my pores and moisturize away.  Then I wiped off the oil with the wet rag and applied a tiny bit of Tea Tree Oil to a cotton round and rubbed all over my face.  Tea tree oil is a great antibacterial and antifungal and it smells cool too!  I woke up this morning with the softest skin!  I'm so pleased!  And my skin is VISIBLY clearer!  I was shocked!  Something so simple that has been in my house the whole time and I'm just now figuring it out!  Of course, this is the first day, so I'll get back with you in a couple days and let ya know, but I can't imagine not seeing amazing results in a couple days if I am seeing such amazing results in just one night.  I urge you to try it.  Its wonderful.  Plus that self esteem goes up just a notch... :)

A toute a l'heure!

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  1. I started with the baking soda face wash but I felt it was a little harsh to use everyday. I love the ACV toner! I have stopped wearing foundation/powder. Here lately i have just been using the ACV toner in the morning and at night and my face is so clear! I love it! Plus its easy and not like a 50 step process!