Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Venture

Ok.  So, the Hubs and I are doing Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.  If you are not doing this, you should!  Go over your finances together with your spouse every night or every other night and plan every dollar!  It will turn your life upside down!

Other Exciting News...

I'm going to be an aunt!!!!  Well, not biologically, but as close as possible to biological!  My best friend and sister in Christ has a little peanut and is due June 11!
     note to Peanut:  I will love you forever and will be here for anything you may ever need.
            PS- Aunties are cooler than moms, remember that when you get j/k

I am now a Preferred Member of Melaleuca!  It is a non-toxic, green company that sells the best of natural and science combined products for your household, body care, supplemental, etc needs.  I'm super excited about these products and how great the company is!!  If you don't know anything about them, check them out.  No...SERIOUSLY!  You try one thing and I promise you will be satisfied.  I have never met someone who has tried even one of the products and not liked it.  Im so excited about it that I wish I could order everyone one thing...of course...Dave says I can't do that and Mike says keep my head out of the clouds...but if I could...I would.  Best bang for your buck (saving you because it is all concentrate) and it won't expose you to toxins like formaldahyde and bleach and aluminum.  I better stop while I'm ahead, because I can go on FOREVER!  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!     It will change your life!

Oh, and jewelry party this Saturday at 2pm at my house.  PLEASE MAKE IT!!!  Its going to be a BLAST!  I'll make some snacks......Just sayin....

A Toute A L'heure!!