Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Week- Venting Space

This has been a rough week all the way around.  Between work and potentially getting fired (which has to be the devil working because Lord knows I do my best, even though I'm not perfect), issues with my husband, feeling sick, worrying about a friend, working three jobs, having anxiety out the butt, and so on, I just need a break.  I feel like no one hears me, or cares to really stop and think how Im feeling when I say that I'm struggling.  I tell my husband that I'm out of whack because of them switching my antidepressant and he takes it personally and says Im neglecting him.  So now on top of feeling crazy and sad for no reason, I'm neglecting HIM!  But I won't get started on him.  That could last days right now.  I'm exhausted.  I just want things to be ok and the stress to calm down.  Thats all I want.