Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well Hello!

Welcome to my first post!  I'm so excited to have this blog and share my life's lessons, struggles, and learnings!  A lot of my posts will be health related, but I may include funny stories about my husband and/or kids.  Sometimes things are just too funny not to share!

A little about me...
     I am 25, live in Central Indiana.  I recently (end of July) got married to my wonderful husband Mike.  I have 5 step kids, 4 of which are girls.  I'm always looking for fun and creative things to do with them and keep them busy and healthy.
     I am trying to currently learn and try as much as I can about natural living.  I'm experimenting with SLS free products, coconut oil, green items that aren't as harmful on our bodies or environment.  Finding healthy alternatives that fit my family's needs is very important and I strive to make our lives the best they can be!
     Lastly, but most importantly, I love Jesus!  I lean so much on Him and would be nothing without Him.  I fall short and show my humanoid side quite often, but the Lord knows my heart and the work He has done and is doing in it.  I am blessed and owe EVERYTHING to Him!

I will pick up later with some info on something I've learned recently, later!

A tout a l'heure!

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  1. Wow Linds I had no clue you were a step mom of 5! I have 2 and thats plenty! LOL I love them so and I couldn't have been blessed with an better behaved kids!